Forscope a.s.

Forscope is a software broker – we buy and sell popular used software products, which help our clients significantly save on costs. In our webinars, we explain what used software is and how it can be beneficial for different types of customers.

We want our webinars to be as relevant as possible, so we label each of them according to the type of company/organization it is intended for:

[RESELLERS] – webinars designed for companies that consider becoming our partner and resell our products
[B2B] – webinars designed for companies that want to save on software costs
[PUBLIC_SECTOR] – webinars for public sector organizations interested in saving public finances

All webinars are held in English (unless stated otherwise).
[B2B] How can used software help you save on costs
[RESELLERS] How can resellers profit from selling used software?
[PUBLIC_SECTOR] Kako rabljeni softver štedi troškove u javnom sektoru (HR)
[RESELLERS] W jaki sposób używane oprogramowanie zwiększa zyski sprzedawców?
[B2B] W jaki sposób używane oprogramowanie pomaga obniżyć koszty?